Salon policy


-Due to the high volume of appointments, we request you respect our time as we do yours. 

We do our best to keep a tight schedule and cannot do so when clients arrive late. 

-Clients 15 minutes late or more may be rescheduled or may not receive the full service booked. No-show clients who do not contact the stylist to cancel their appointments will be charged for the missed appointment. 

Contacting your stylist to reschedule/cancel ensures we can fill the appointment with the wait list requests.

Pets & Children

State Board prohibits pets in the salon with the exception of service animals.

Children are welcome in the salon, but due to the limited space and dangerous tools and equipment, we request they remain seated at all times during their visit. No spinning chairs, playing in product, or inhibiting the workspace. Any questionable behavior will be addressed by the stylist.


If you are not satisfied with services received, please contact the salon within 24 hours so we can make it right.

Creative Release

Stylists reserve the right to refuse any services which they feel would compromise the health of the hair or any styles they feel do not adequately showcase their talent.